Short Code Keyword Service:

This avails you with a your Choice of Keyword (subjected to availability) on a desired range of SMS Short Codes 54242, 54545 and many more. Please click here to write to us to request SMS Keyword Availability Status Check.

What is a KEYWORD and Sub-Keyword?

A SMS Message contains up to 160 characters in it and therefore to distinguish exact Query and requirement, we assign some fix Words to our Services. Such Words assigned to unify Query/ Requirement are known as SMS Keywords and a Sub-Keyword is WORD(S) used for further categorization of Service Inputs

SMS Message Service on Short Codes:

A Short code Number service avails 4/6 digits Global Access(India Only) Number that avails ease of remembering and Multi-Operator support. All Short Codes are available in respective Country amongst majority of the Cellular Operators. Messages sent to Short Code Numbers are charged at Premium Rate (Rate Higher than regular SMS sending Rate as set by Operator).

SMS Alert, E-mail Alert:

You can also configure SMS Alert with predefined message(s) and/ or E-mail alert to receive Sender Number whenever someone is sending messages to your Service. This enables you to speed up your communication.

Caller History:

You could view all SMS Messages, sender information along with date, time coming to your Service through our Web-based Login system. Thus you could take feedbacks, get in touch with senders based on type of service.

Advantages of Short Code Service:

Easy reach and remembrance: Most of the Short Code SMS Service Providers have tie up with almost all major Service Providers


  • Auto Welcome Message (FREE)
  • Web Based Control Panel
  • Customized Welcome Message
  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting
  • Email Forwarding
  • SMS Forwarding (1 SMS credit will be charged)
  • Customer Charged for SMS: Rs. 1/Rs. 2/ Rs. 3 Per SMS (varies operator to operator)